Newborn Baby Gift Guide

Newborn Baby Gift Guide

Newborn Baby Gift Guide


We know babies. From the moment they enter the world, to taking their first steps - at Small World Baby Shop, we create beautiful products that you and your little ones will love. Those first few weeks and months after a baby is born are some of the most precious, where lasting memories are made. If you know someone who will be welcoming a new arrival into their family in the near future, you’re probably starting to think about a gift to celebrate the bundle of joy. The world of baby gifting might seem big, scary and confusing - but don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of our top newborn baby gifts that will make it a lot easier for you to choose something truly special.

Baby Sleep Nest Pod 

A Sleep Nest Pod creates the perfect, comforting resting spot for a newborn baby -  these are recommended from 0 to 6/7 months. Designed to replicate the close environment in the mother’s womb, these sweet beds can make a baby’s transition into their new world a smooth one. The raised sides provide extra safety for the baby, preventing them from rolling over.

The sleep nest is cosy, comfy and convenient! Being lightweight, it is easy to transport wherever it is needed and can be used in cots, on the sofa or on the floor. This would make a really handy gift for any new parent and - to make it even more special - you can even personalise the nest with the baby’s name!

You can find our range of nest pods here.

Moses Basket Set

Another much loved essential for parents of newborns is a Moses basket. Having a personalised cover for a Moses basket will give it an upgrade! This makes it a special, sentimental sleeping place for a newborn baby. Our Moses basket sets come in multiple designs and include a basket cover, hood and quilt - personalised with the baby’s name. And if the parents don’t already have their own Moses baskets - why not include one of these in your gift too!

You can find our Moses Basket Sets here.

Personalised Cushion

Personalised Cushion

There is nothing more sentimental than a keepsake that has belonged to you since you were born. A beautiful personalised cushion can be just that! Made in a design of your choice from soft materials, this cushion can be personalised with a name or even a date of birth. It may start in the cot, move to the bed and even stay in their room as they grow up - this special item will be loved for years to come and makes a really lovely gift as the baby begins their life.

You can find our cushions here

Personalised Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket

Many people would admit that their baby blanket was once one of their most prized possessions! This is what makes it a truly special gift to give. Made with soft bubble fleece and a cotton inner, this snug blanket is the perfect comforter that will be with a baby through it’s growing years. It can be used in car seats, Moses baskets and prams and will keep any newborn snug and sound.

As well as a sweet Peter Rabbit range, the blanket can also be personalised with the baby’s name, their date of birth, or even their weight - to make it unique for them.

Find our range of blankets here. 

Personalised Teddy


No newborn baby’s cot is complete without a few cuddly toys! And what better way to add to the collection, then with a sweet, soft teddy that is personal to them. This soft companion is cute, cuddly and can be personalised with any text that you like. This will make a truly special gift and will fill any new parent with joy as they see their baby’s personalised teddy alongside them in the cot.

See our full range of personalised teddy designs here.

Car Seat Swaddle Blanket

Car Seat Swaddle

This gorgeous car seat swaddle blanket is perfect for keeping a newborn warm and cosy on their very first trip back from the hospital - and beyond! The swaddle design ensures extra warmth and comfort for the baby whilst travelling, and the option to personalise the hood is an extra special touch that will make any new parent smile.

See our full range of car seat swaddle blankets here.

Baby Bean Bag

Baby Bean Bag

Last, but certainly not least - the baby bean bag is our most popular product. The design fully supports a baby’s body, ensuring they are comfortable and content whilst resting. Filled with fire retardant beans and including an adjustable harness, the bean bag will keep any little treasure safe and snug. The soft fleece area creates warmth and comfort, and the cover can even be removed for washing. With the option to have baby’s name on the front, this makes for a very special, beautiful and useful newborn baby gift. 

See our range of baby bean bags here.

What will you choose?

Out of all of these gift ideas, you are sure to find something that your loved ones will treasure for years to come and that will make this exciting time in their lives even more unique. The best thing about these gifts? Each can be uniquely personalised to make them extra special.

We also have a wonderful range of gifts and accessories for growing babies, like the bean bag chair which is perfect for toddlers, or the XL Bean Bag, which is fit for all the family. Whatever you choose, it can’t be denied that a high quality, personalised item is always a wonderful gift to receive!