Gender Reveal Party: The Trend That Has Made Its Way Across The Pond

Gender Reveal Party: The Trend That Has Made Its Way Across The Pond

Gender Reveal Party: The Trend That Has Made Its Way Across The Pond

All around the world today, we see different cultures and countries sharing their traditions and celebrations. Some customs that at first seem undeniably British often have overseas origins. Morris dancing, for example, comes from Italy, pigeon racing from Belgium, and the WI from Canada! Amongst some of the stateside traditions that have made their way across to our little island, the ‘Gender Reveal Party’ trend is fast becoming a popular one - even finding its way onto popular ITV show This Morning. The exciting moment where new parents find out the gender of their unborn baby has now become an opportunity for celebration to involve loved ones in too. So what exactly is a gender reveal party and why is it so popular? Let’s take a look!

Where did it begin?

Gender Reveals first started appearing on YouTube around 2009, originating in America with a first time mum-to-be who excitedly revealed the sex of her baby girl with a pink-centered cake. Parents soon started to catch on to the trend, throwing their own parties and filming them for everyone to share in their joy and excitement. Over time, medical advancements have meant that finding out the sex of your baby is now a lot more accurate than it used to be, which has contributed to the growing popularity of the trend. All parents need to do is ask their midwife to write down the gender of the baby, pop it in an envelope and hand it over to a trusted friend or family who will organise the reveal. Then, they can simply wait in eager anticipation for the moment to arrive.

So what’s the big deal?

The journey of pregnancy is different for every family - some couples can try for years before falling pregnant, with many opting for IVF down the road. For others, it can be a much quicker process, but there is still the inevitable nine month wait until you can welcome your bundle of joy to the world. Celebrations are had along the way - the pregnancy discovery, telling your loved ones, the baby shower, and then of course the birth itself. A gender reveal party can be one of these pit stops, with prime position between the baby announcement and the baby shower. This new celebration simply gives your family another reason to celebrate the upcoming birth of your child. Also, much like the scans you will have throughout your pregnancy, it can make it seem that little bit more real. Once you know the gender of your baby, you can start preparing and maybe even give them a name. For many new families, the addition of a baby is something that they want to celebrate every step of the way which is why this trend has become so popular.

What does it look like?

The beauty of your gender reveal party is just that - it is YOURS! This means it’s an opportunity to get creative and express yourself whilst creating memories you will look back on fondly in the years to come. You’re probably familiar with the usual pink and blue stereotypes that are so often seen at these parties, but the possibilities really are endless! You might see green and purple, gold and silver, yellow and white - whatever it means for you and your family, you can represent it in a way that you love. 

So what about the big reveal? From cake with a hidden coloured centre, to confetti cannons that announce your baby’s gender with a bang - there are so many fun ways to make the announcement. Some parents have even put on their own fireworks display to have the gender revealed in the sky, while others have handed out tubes of silly string to have their guests reveal it for them at the end of a countdown. The beauty of this, once again, is that you can tailor it to you, making it your own in a unique and special way.

So there you have it - a brief lowdown of the growing baby trend that has made its way into your British culture. If you or someone you know has recently fallen pregnant, why not take the opportunity to organise a gender reveal party and make it a truly special occasion?