Benefits Of Buying A Baby Bean Bag

Benefits Of Buying A Baby Bean Bag

Benefits Of Buying A Baby Bean Bag

Are you expecting a new arrival?

Or have you just taken your bundle of joy home for the very first time?

Well if so - congratulations!

The prospect of raising a child to be both healthy and happy is a daunting process for any new parent. Lack of sleep is often a big concern for both parent and child. With new parents often getting an average of 4 hours and 44 minutes! However, this number is irrelevant in correspondence to how many hours of sleep you would like your baby to have. A baby needs an average of 16-18 hours per day to benefit their cognitive and physical development and as parents, we’d do anything to improve our newborns sleeping pattern.

At Small World Baby, we believe sleep is one of the most important things you can provide your child. It helps strengthen immune systems, encourages growth and keeps your baby happy. If your newborn is struggling to sleep at night, we may have the answer! A Baby Bean Bag could be just what your little one needs.

What is a baby bean bag?

Don’t know what a baby bean bag is? It is essentially a tool to soothe your baby, providing comfort to aid broken sleep. True to its name, the Baby Bean Bag is designed with babies in mind. An evolved version of an adult bean bag, the Baby Bean Bag features a soft fleece, keeping your baby warm. This cover can be removed and machine washed (although hand washing is recommended). The chair is fitted with an adjustable harness featuring a cover which provides comfort and padding against your baby’s waist. Allowing a snug and secure fit!

Safely Supported

When using a Small World Baby Bean Bag, your newborn will be fully supported. Your baby’s safety is paramount to us, that’s why we use an inner-filling of fire retardant foam beans to provide assurance and comfort. The foam beans provide a cushioning effect and once your tot has been placed on the chair, it will automatically adjust to the shape of your baby. Not only benefiting sleep, the bag also comes with built-in sit up support. Babies often start to sit up between 4 to 7 months, prior to this the added support of the Baby Bean Bag will help them sit up without falling over. Giving your child an opportunity bond with family and friends and engage in close with facial interactions.

Travelling Tot

Once secured safely, baby can enjoy a handsfree slumber. Giving you time, as a parent to finally get in that hour to yourself. Did we mention that the baby bean bag is easily transportable from room to room? So whichever room you’re in, the baby bean bag can follow. Whether you are relaxing on the sofa or cooking food in the kitchen, your baby can be with you and comfortable at all times - no heavy crib lifting here!

Perfectly Personal

It can only get better. Here at Small World Baby, we are the leading supplier of Personalised Baby Bean Bags. Meaning we can promise quality and guarantee satisfaction. Each chair is customizable, with a few clicks on our build your own feature mode. In 3 simple steps, you can create your baby items completely unique to you. Simply, choose the item you would like, select the style and start personalising.

Let your imagination run wild with all our funky and fancy fabrics.