Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

It’s always a joy to celebrate a new baby. But what about celebrating mothers? Just before their arrival, there’s an opportunity to celebrate mum too by sharing in the excitement and making preparations. A baby shower is the perfect way to do this. Traditionally just for the mum-to-be, these celebrations are an opportunity to shower the new parents with gifts, but there are plenty of fun baby-themed games and activities that can be included in the party too. Let's take a look at just a few of the added extras you can include when throwing a baby shower to make it memorable and extra special.


Include a Guest Book

No baby shower is complete without a guest book for friends and family to sign. This special memento will be looked back on in the years to come to remember who was there during these precious months. This does not need to be a physical book - often a baby shower guestbook is created in a frame that can be hung on the wall in the baby's nursery. 

Create a picture of a happy cloud and have your guests add their fingerprints as raindrops falling. Alternatively, have a picture of a tree with the guest's fingerprints being the leaves. Have them sign their name over the fingerprint too. 

Another lovely frame idea is to have guests write messages around a framed ultrasound photo. Including a message of well wishes can be a special touch that will be lovely to look back on as the baby grows up.

If you do want to incorporate messages into a book, why not have guests write their note in the front cover of a classic children’s book - the family will cherish this in the years to come. 

Get Creative with Baby Clothes

A special and memorable way of gifting the new parents some baby clothes can be to incorporate them into your decoration and activities. From nappies to baby grows, there are many baby items you can use to do this. 

Transform a collection of nappies into a grand three-tiered creation (as you would a cake!), and have cupcake cases filled with baby socks. You can do the same thing with a nature theme - create a bouquet with different coloured items and hang baby socks from a model tree.

A decoration station is always a good idea - this activity involves decorating baby’s new clothes. It could be baby grows, bibs or anything else. All you need is plain white clothing, fabric pens and your guests’ grand imaginations!

Plenty of Finger Food

No celebration is complete without good food! A baby shower provides an opportunity to get creative and, if you know the gender of the baby, you can theme your food accordingly. Have cake pops in either pink or blue (or have both if you don’t know the gender) and any other sweet treats can follow this theme too. A popcorn bar can be a fun and tasty way to bring the baby theme in, as mum-to-be will be almost ready to ‘pop’! Sugar cookies shaped like baby-themed items are a good option that your guests can take away and enjoy once the party is over. Whatever food you choose to include in the shower, the key is finger food - easy to grab, easy to eat and not too filling!

Get Gaming

Complete your baby shower celebration with some fun games and activities that will not only bring your guests together, but will make mum feel special too. As well as decorating baby clothes, other activities can include a nursery rhyme quiz, guess the baby food and place the baby on the mummy (think ‘pin the tail on the donkey’!) 

A visual game like ‘guess the baby’ is a sentimental idea too. This could be guessing if an old photograph is mum or dad, or you could ask guests to each bring along a baby photo of themselves for mum to guess who is who. This simple game will prove to be a lot of fun and is sure to result in a lot of laughs.

From the games to the gifts and everything in between, there are so many ways to make mum-to-be feel loved at her baby shower. We hope we have given you a little bit of inspiration to make your baby shower special. If you are looking for the perfect baby gift for new parents to be, take a look at our personalised baby items for a special way to welcome the new arrival.