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The Small World Baby Shop Journey

Our Journey

Small World Baby Shop is a family run business which started off when a family member become pregnant. When looking for replacement covers for moses baskets we noticed these were not available anywhere to buy. With having some good sewing experience we decided to try out a couple of designs and put them online to sell, we were shocked to see they had sold within minutes of being posted.

After selling our couple of designs we had put on we thought there must be a market for this kind of thing. We kitted out the spare room with a couple of domestic sewing machines and starting making different designs. Soon, we were selling lots of moses basket covers and becoming too big for our tiny spare room, we were running out of space and need something bigger. We had to look for somewhere else to work from. After looking for properties we found a unit, here we took our work to the next level. We researched other baby items and seen there was a big market for personalised baby items. Putting our ideas together we starting making footmuffs, beanbags, car seat covers and lots more. These were also becoming very popular vey fast. We couldn’t believe how well everything was taking of, by this point we knew we could really make something of this. Outgrowing our small unit which seemed big when we moved in, we had to expand again.

We now work in a big factory unit, we have lots of industrial sewing and embroidery machines with lots of staff working for us. Lots of time and hard work goes into all our work but it is so rewarding when we get lots of lovely feedback of customers. Our next step now is a shop, we are in the process of building a shop in our unit for all you lovely customers to come visit us.

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